Launch of French “OptiNutrition” project – Towards a healthy, sustainable and affordable food

Sayari, in cooperation with Gingko21, is launching the OptiNutrition Project towards more healthy and sustainable food in France.

The objective is to develop an optimization tool for catering companies and distributors to optimize food menus and recipes according to criteria combining nutrition, environment and economic constraints, with minimum diversion from current uses and traditions. 

The optimisation tool will be accounting for French specific context :  relevant environmental and economic data , nutritional requirements,  and current diets.

The tool is targeted at producers, caterers and distributors and will help answer various questions at the cross-roads of Nutrition, Sustainability and Economy such as :

  • Anticipate the evolution of the coming years towards a quality, accessible, healthy and sustainable food
  • Understand the strategic positioning of products in the food of tomorrow
  • Align menus to French Health guidelines
  •  Compose menus that care for both humans and the planet
  • Develop tomorrow’s recipes, tasty, healthy and sustainable

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