Sayari co-leading the Biodiversity Footprint Project

Companies lack specific tools to assess the impact of products on biodiversity.

The Product Biodiversity Footprint project PBF aims at developing a method and a tool  to quantify the impacts of a product on biodiversity along the product value chain. It will enable to pinpoint biodiversity hotspots of a given product footprint, and identify the related stages in the value chain. It will also provide information on WHERE the footprint hotspots are located.

PBF will build on existing knowledge, methodologies and data, bridging the ecology and the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) realms.  It is aiming to address the five pressures on biodiversity identified in the Millenium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA, 2005). PBF will provide quantitative and qualitative information to company decision makers regarding ecodesign, supplying, marketing, product development and strategy….

PBF is a joint I-CARE and Sayari project. A scientific committee including international experts from academia, UN-Environment, and NGOs is providing a sound scientific basis. Future users from companies and organisations are also involved from the start to ensure PBF will answer their practical needs. Examples from companies in various sectors will be used to pilot the tool.


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